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Simple Access to Paintbrush on most PC's

May not work for all computers

Step 1: Go to the Windows "START" button in the bottom left hand corner of your screen.

Step 2: Direct your cursor and select programs. (A flyout arrow with a list should appear once you point to "Programs".)

Step 3: Now point to "ACCESSORIES" located near the top of this list of programs. (The list is in alphabetical order.)

Step 4: Now another fly-out window will have appeared. Point your cursor and double-click "PAINT" near the bottom of this alphabetical list.

Step 5: The Paint Program should now be running on your computer. If you need to, select "File" on the toolbar along the top of the page and then choose "NEW" to create a new file all your own.

Step 6: MAKE WHATEVER YOU WANT! And then send your creation to me at (see link to my e-mail below also.)