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Motel Mel ~ Room 420 : Melissa's Favorite Links

          Go Ahead... Follow A Link.  I dare you.


This is a great site with quirky, funny, & gruesome stick figure animations!


This cool site uses Shockwave and Quicktime to show kick ass cartoons.


Uses Shockwave for games, from bowling to Xtreme snowboarding.


This great page just allows you to torture & destroy your former lovers.


This page has really great gifs. Free to put onto your web pages or link to.


A really cool updated page for one of the few good TV shows.


  Roadtrip? Great site that gives easy directions between any cities.


       Searches nearly EVERY engine on the net in one easy step. 


     Download Scour's simple agent, then download tons of MP3's.


                    Links To Friends' Pages


           My best bud ever since age 7.. Links and pictures.


          This page has everything from Wiccan to repulsive pictures. Enjoy!


         This online friend has his own domain name. NOT that I'm jealous. 


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