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Guest Check-In

Suite 204: CyberFridge      My proudest online work yet... all kinds of great visitor art! GIVE ME MORE!

Suite 411:   SayWhat?!?     A collection of both worthwhile and unbelievably stupid quotes which I've come across. Send me YOUR best!

Room 338: AboutMe          Brand Spankin New Info about who else ? Me =)

Room 311:    MusicLinks     Some of the best music out there and great direct links. Don't be shy!

Room 249: Melissa's Pics  Pictures of my friends and me in slideshow format along with some commentary.  =)

Room 127: Melissa'sPoetry         A handful of poems I wrote. I don't claim to be a professional,  but at least they're better than food poisoning. Should be more soon.

Room 420: FavoriteLinks    These are my very favorite links on the web thus far.  I will keep adding them as I find them.

Room 222: Melissa'sBio       Biographical slideshow of me, for those of you interested. Includes old baby pics and a few family pics from long past.  


Enjoy your stay!





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