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This page is eternally under construction.

This is what I like to call my "CYBER FRIDGE". Right now you may be thinking..."What is a cyber fridge? I bet it's a government conspiracy."

But suppose it IS a government conspiracy... I mean, it's still a good web page right?? And the government needs love too. It hard being one of the white men in the black suits.

The cyber fridge is just a place where all people, government officials included, can boast their artistic, or not so artistic, creations on the internet.

Remember when you were a first grader and you brought your masterpieces home from school and mommy proudly hung them up on the fridge? (The reasons that moms do this is probably also a conspiracy that even the government men are still struggling to uncover.)

Well...This page is just like that big old fridge, minus the magnets! (I am too cheap to buy magnets... sorry.)

This is a collection of all the nifty artwork net people like you create. Most are made proudly with paintbrush...standard on most computers. Others are created with more advanced programs such as Paint Shop Pro, etc. IF YOU DON'T KNOW HOW TO ACCESS PAINTBRUSH ON YOUR COMPUTER...JUST VISIT MY SIMPLE DIRECTIONS PAGE PLEASE!


Please don't be shy. Send me your stuff as attachments via e-mail at the link below! I (and the government) will be eternally grateful! And who knows...those with numerous submissions might actually receive a tax break this April! (Never stop hoping.)


1. Twisted Version of SIFL & OLLY proud artist: Jeni W.

2. Brad Johnston Claims this "original" artwork

3. Alien Invaders ~ Proudly made By ME!

4. Exercise Bimbo: Made by Bridgette

5. Pop Art?? Created by Jesse Barker.

6. WONDERFUL art by Tragic Hero.(He's my man.)

7. Attention all ninjas. CLICK HERE .Art by Tragic Hero.

8. Another great work..."Eternal Sorrow". By Tragic Hero.

9. Hidden meaning? Closer... closer... Thanks Mark Billy!

10. A few drinks too many and you start seeing ME. Hendrik "KiLLeR" May

11. Who says that haste makes waste?? Not Nick from CA. (thanks ;)

12. Awww.. My boyfriend's perception of ME! "Angel GrrL" by Tragic Hero.

13. Freaky Animated Melissa 11th Grade Picture Gif. Thanks Brian LaBone...I think.

14. Allen Roman made me a (conceited but cute) picture! Click Here!

15. AWWWW...Sonja loves Gene. Made in my dorm room by Sonja Lardy.

16. I couldn't resist adding another great one by Tragic Hero.A MUST SEE.

17. I got bored and copied Sonja. I just needed MORE! SEND ME STUFF! *grin*.

Aspiring artists... send me YOUR stuff!!

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