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By this time society has forced me into the public school system. I entered the class room bravely, and was forced to leave my little side-kick at the daycare. My kindergarten picture shows my deep agony. (I can't see it but I bet if YOU look very closely, it will be apparent.)

This is the only school picture that I will show because the others are progressively hideous. Aren't everybody's??


I will tell about where I lived instead here, since I decided that I should skip not only the school PICTURES, but also the grade school story. Let's not talk about it. Also I think I can just safely assume that everyone's grade school experience is the same.

I lived in Vermillion, SD until I was 3 years old. We then moved to Fairfax, SD and my side-kick came into play. Then we lived in Goodridge, MN followed by Bemidge, MN while my dad completed more college credits. I was 5 when we moved to Irene, SD and I went to kindergarten there. I moved to Pierre, SD right before I turned 7 and this is where I have lived for 12 years now.

And after even more careful consideration, I decided that I won't talk about junior high either, for your own benefit and mine too. Currently I am a senior at Riggs High in Pierre, SD and the picture pages (links on the main page) show hobbies and things all about the present day Melissa. Let me know what you think because I LOVE e-mails... I do, I do, I do. Thanks for reading!!!