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 The *NEW* All About Me Page

A friend sent me this questionnaire (thanks Jack Spade =) and so it's a bunch of NEW information in the "About Me" page.  If anyone is wondering why I picked pink, its because I'm a girl, and in the traditional "girlie" tradition I decided to do a pink theme, but with creepy terrified faces in the background.  Because let's be honest... isn't that what being a girl is all about?


1. Name: Melissa

2. Birthdate: 9/22/80  Leap Year -  (Cusp of Virgo)   Mabon

 3. Location: Moorhead, MN

 4. School: MSU

5. Stuff you like to do: Snowboarding, reading, writing, learning new things. 

6.Color Eyes: Brown

7. Height: 5'9"

8. Shoe Size: 8 1/2

9. Favorite Color(s): Every year I like them ALL more.

10. Favorite Song: So many I could never name.. a couple include:           Portishead's  "Glory Box" and Type O Negative's "Black No. 1"

11. Favorite Book: Lord of the Flies

12. Favorite Vacation Spot: London

13. Absolute Best Friends (SAME SEX): Jennifer and Sara (no order)

15: Boyfriend/Girlfriend? Matt

16: Nicknames? Munchie, SuperMeL, Smelissa, Smelly and a few more of course. Everyone's got "those" type. 

17: Things you like in the opposite sex: Green Eyes! and mysterious...

18. Things that turn you off:  CONFORMITY

19: Most romantic thing a guy has ever done: Sent me a  message in a bottle through the mail for my birthday when we lived 300 miles apart with a romantic note written in Olde English Script, necklace, and lock of his hair.

20: Funniest or most desperate thing you've done to get the 
attention of someone of the opposite sex: Jumped off the London bridge (In another life of course!)

21.Favorite movie: The Crow, Great Expectations, The Matrix

22: Best quality in a friend: Someone who doesn't judge you even after they see you commit the "crime"... I'm no lawyer. 

23: Fondest memory of you and your friend(s): Pretending to be mentally disturbed in public parks to get initiated into our 6th grade club only to get reported to the police by disgruntled park visitors.

24: Scariest thing that's ever happened while with friends: Attacked by beavers in middle of the nite while camping at Cow Creek (Damn that was terrible ! Ever seen Blair Witch?  yah like that...) 

25: Favorite Computer Font:  Bobby Pin

26: Favorite Food: Anything that's cheap and meatless                       

27: Favorite Place to eat: Home with my family.

28: Food you Hate: Pretty much anything involving "evil raised" meat. IE Slaughter Mill KFC Chicken. (however I admit they used to be tasty...)

29: Weirdest food that you like: Lima Beans

30: Dumbest thing you've ever done: Felt bad about not having designer jeans in grade school.

31: The One person that Knows the Most about You:  My mom, my Bridgette (sister), Jennifer, Sara, and Matt... all in different ways though.

32: Favorite CD in your collection: Portishead Live PNYC (with the NYC symphony... Never heard of Portishead? You poor thing... Ck out my music link page! (*smile*) 

33: Last Movie You saw in a theater: Blair Witch ( I rent instead)

34: Here's the scenario you are curled up on a couch w/ someone 
 who is it: My Matthew AND My EVIL kitten FIREBALL! 

35: Best Advice Ever Given to You?: Don't Sell Yourself Short.

37: Favorite Quote #1: "It's real easy to want money... Maybe that's what I like so much about it. Just sittin' there...rockin' back n forth... wantin' that money." Jack Handy's Deep Thoughts

38: Favorite Quote #2: "Beware the Woods at Night My Pretty!" Spock from Star Trek

39: One thing you wish you could tell the whole world: I want you to adore me!... love me!  But whatever you do... don't ask me out. 

40: What's one thing u wanna do before u die: See the world and visit foreign places... learn about other people in other places... and understand my own mind -- all of its strengths/weaknesses

41: Thing you want to be remembered for: Being Thoughtful 

42: Your Personality type: Manic Depressive Talkative Writer

43: Favorite Music Group(s): Portishead, Type O Negative, and all the rest listed on my music link page. I can't just narrow it to ONE!

44. Pets: Little Orange Kitten... Hence his name "FIREBALL" 

45 Favorite holiday Halloween, Fourth of July, Christmas

 46: Favorite season: All of them... only I wish they would all only last 1 month at a time.  They start to get old fast. Ex: Winter

47: Favorite summer activity: Camping

48: Favorite winter activity: Snowboarding

49. What do u want 2 be when u grow up: Not sure at all.

50: Funniest Person you Know: MY CAT...

51: Who is your worst enemy?: Jack's Whore

52: Favorite Sport: Snowboarding

53: Favorite Magazines: Rolling Stone And Newsweek (weird combo)

55: Favorite Gum: Bubble Jug (Do they MAKE that stuff anymore?)

56: Favorite Candy: Something Chocolate

57: Favorite Store: Discontent if I ever had spending money.

58: Favorite Thing to Wear to School: Just whatever I can find on the floor in five minutes.

60: Biggest Fear: Sharks eating me! ( .. and I live in MN...)

61: Favorite Inside Joke: If I shared it ... then it wouldn't be an "INSIDE JOKE" now would it!?!

62: Favorite Girl's Name:Xandra (Pronounced Zan-Druh)


63: Favorite Guy's Name: Damien

69: Favorite thing to hear from others: You smell a lot better today.

70: Thing you Say Waaaaay Toooo much" : "LOVE ME! GIMME YOUR ATTENTION.. LOVE ME!"

71: Favorite Ice Cream Flavor: Captain Morgan Rum and Black Cherry,  but finding it is a quest in itself.

72: Favorite Soda: Cherry Coke and Sprite

74: One Place you want to go to: Back to London... but just a visit.

76: What did you do or what are your plans today?  I slept in and then went to a class... now I'm gonna follow up call on a job application.

78: What college do you want to go to: Awww.. Do I HAVE to?

79: Person/People you Admire: My Mother, Sister, Father, Matt and ANYONE who has survived a broken heart to become a wiser and better person in the end. It's not easy.

80: Thing you most regret: Not working more thru High School to get a full ride scholarship. Would have saved LOTS of cash right about now...

81: Number of Pairs of shoes you own: 5

83: Your Theme song(s): "Glory Box" - Portishead

84: What sports/activities do you plan to letter in during HS: Oh please... I ACCIDENTALLY got a letter in band somehow. Varsity Flute . HAH!

85: If a movie was made about your life what would it be called?:  "A Day in the Life of a Mundane Blonde Girl"

86: Color of your bedroom: White

87: Size of your bed: Tiny Twin Size

88: Last time you showered: Fall of  '62

89 Last number you called: Nine Dragons Restaurant - "Can I have a job? LOVE ME!" =)

91: What's The Weather Like: Oh... a little cold.. say -10 F

92: Last Book you Read by Choice: Wicca For A Solitary Practitioner

93: Last show you watched: I don't even own a TV with shows. My boyfriend just uses it for his PlayStation. TV = Brain Decay

94: Where is your computer: In my room.

95: Color socks you're wearing: Barefoot

96: Silliest Thing You've Ever Done: Filled out all these questions.

97.Favorite Smiley Face: =)                                                                       

98: Last person you talked to: Matt

99: Thing you actually want to be doing right now: Harassing Matt but he's at work now and left me here with a vicious teething kitten.

100: How glad are you that this is over?

               DON'T answer that one!  heheh